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        The total assets of the textile machinery

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            Textile industry is a traditional advantageous industries, textile products also China's important foreign trade goods, the rapid development of the textile industry to our economic stability and maintaining price stability has a vital significance, it plays an important role in our economy. China is the world's largest producer of textile machinery, at present, China's textile machinery manufacturing industry has become a complete range to meet the needs of the textile industry, with a pillar industry of independent research and innovation capability.

            Champoux consulting industry analyst pointed out: In 2009, the Ministry of labor issued a "guidance on restructuring of the textile machinery industry," pointed out the need to increase financial support for the textile machinery business, in line with the conditions of textile machinery companies in issuing corporate bonds, short-term terms of financing to expand financing channels for enterprises to support and encourage the textile machinery business mergers and acquisitions.
            Chinese textile machinery manufacturing industry maintained rapid development momentum in recent years. By the end of 2010, total industry assets reached 77.613 billion yuan, up 27.78 percent; industry sales income 81.565 billion yuan, an increase of 42.13%. By the end of 2011, total industry assets reached 100.237 billion yuan, up 29.15 percent; industry sales revenue 111.589 billion yuan, an increase of 36.81%. By the end of 2012, total industry assets reached 125.757 billion yuan, up 25.46 percent; industry sales revenue 139.062 billion yuan, an increase of 24.62%. By the end of 2013, total industry assets reached 160.504 billion yuan, up 27.63 percent; industry sales revenue 175.899 billion yuan, an increase of 26.49%. Overall, in 2008 the industry experienced a decline in growth rate after nearly two years of industry expansion significantly faster, overall good development trend.
            The total assets of the textile machinery industry and sales have maintained rapid growth
        With the development of the textile industry, the textile machinery industry, the rapid expansion of the scale, industry competition intensified. To be able to seize market opportunities in the fierce competition in the domestic textile machinery manufacturing enterprises outstanding increasing attention to the development of industry market research and its own technological innovation capability, and therefore, a large number of outstanding domestic brands rise rapidly, becoming China and the world leader in the industry.
            Champoux Consulting released "2014 - China Textile Machinery and wool market analysis survey report 2017" shows: From a global perspective, the last competition of textile machinery manufacturing textile machinery mainly in the production of power in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. But in recent years, driven in the domestic and Asian market demand, Chinese textile machinery manufacturing industry scale expanding, China is being used by one of the largest textile machinery market demand, the Asian textile manufacturing center, and even change the direction of the world's textile manufacturing center .