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        About Us
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           Beijing Shengbangxinyuan Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized High-Tec enterprise in developing,producing & selling spare parts and equipments for chemical fibre production.

          Among our stuffs,over sixty percent are technicians of educational background of university,and most of them used to work for well-known institutes in chemical fibre field for nearly twenty years.Together with first-class productions equipments,the high quality of our products can thereof be guaranteed.Therein,the coupling –bearing developed by us has gained the state patent (patent no:200520107450.7),and been selling to different scaled chemical fibre companies over the state and some south-easten countries like India,Pakistan and so on;Our wingding rotor has been originally supplying to Barmag-the most famous chemical fibre machinery-maker in the world;Our yarn-spinning machines for polypropylene ,polyester & nylon fiber production have remarkably benefited many chemical fibre companies. 
          To provide more convenient service for customers in the south of the state ,we have set up our representative office in Jiaxing city Zhejiang province,where we can execute the repairing & maintaining work for winder clamper,clamper moter,speed-monitoring godet,rotator gearbox,heating godet & yarn leading godet besides selling our own products and other products like bearings,o-rings,pneumatic elements,yarn guides,belts and so on from some well-known companies.

          Jiaxing Shengbang Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. Is a branch of Beijing Shengbangxinyuan Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd. The company is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise, specialized in the development, production, sales & maintenance of key parts & equipments in chemical fiber industry, and R&D in special fibers & fashional fabrics.The company consists of Management Department, R&D Department, Sales Department, Trading Department & Production Department. Therein, the Production Department consists of workshops of machining, maintenance, plasma-coating and special yarn spinning.
          We own advanced and perfect equipments for production, insepction, testing and maintenance of chemical fiber machinaries, such as multi-application digital-controlled machine tools, balance correction machines (from Schenck Process GmbH),plasma-coating equipments (from No. 625 Institute of Ministry of Space), thermal-aligning instruments for godet ( from Barmag AG). Based on our rich experience & mature systematization technology in chemical fiber production, we have developed a revolutionary proto-type multi-purpose spinning machine, with which production-converting among single-composition, twin-composition, multi-composition, POY, FDY, moderate-strength yarn, super-fine yarn and industrial yarn can be easily realized respectively.
          With the support from our customers, either old or new, the company has been growing up rapidly and steadily. As return, we will provide them with more and more qualified products and services in the future.